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  ♥ Resist

  ♥ Believe

  ♥ Love

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It can't be done without you...!

DOA Avenger
  The DOA Avenger
of the Zombie Apocalypse

  You aren't alone in having a problem with this "new" world, nor the "new" state of things, aka "New World Order", or the "Zombie Apocalypse". I'll try to tell what you can do about, what you need to know, and how you can help. Number one-- exercise your free will, love and fail to harass your fellow humans!

This site is about heroes, real and inspirational; existing, new, and to be. In the spirit of Diogenes' search for an honest man, I'm searching for heroes. And having probably less luck than he did! (Wikipedia: "Diogenes was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynic philosophy.")

  (You'll find many references to: the work of Joss Whedon; _Dune_, Frank Herbert; the _Harry Potter_ series, J.K. Rowling; _Starship Troopers_, the movie; _True Blood_, the series, from the books by Charlaine Harris; and so on. Movies and books that have inspired me and can do the same for you. I'm only thinking of the work of Sam Raimi. :-))


  This has been my life since: Apr 25, 2009  (Date "shafted" --
a Joss Whedon "Firefly" reference. I prefer to call it: "shelved", like a book or a trophy would be.)

  I died, Jun 9, 2009 (The first time. You do the math...). Was murdered! By our current environment. For me, harassment is attempted murder, literally! And was. :-( If not for my extraordinary nutritional knowledge, I'd be dead, instead of writing this.

  I died the second time: Oct 30, 2014, while in L.A. looking for Joss Whedon. Now, I'm The DOA Avenger fighting to Save The World. And I'll continue fighting, until my "True Death". Heroes wanted! Join me, in doing what you can to make this a better world.

Know this-- I can help, and save your life, as I have several others.

  Whimsically, I'm Jessica from "Dune."-- Concubine to Duke Leto, Bene Gesserit "witch". Only until Sep 2, 2016, it's felt more like I've been con-sort to Baron Harkonnen, her relative. :-o. And where I went, he followed. I'm Harry from "Harry Potter", only... I'm Black Widow from "The Avengers." I'm only as crazy as is sane for the times.

I'm just an ordinary woman that struggles every day to make it to the next day, while someone else struggles for the opposite, and has since Jun 9, 2009.

Surprised every day to still be here! Don't know for how much longer.


*** This site is a work in progress (remember: dying!). I've been trying to reach out and get recognition for my cause in different focuses since 2012. Please visit my previous website in the mean time:



Preparedness 411

Unforgiveable Curses
Shafted, Before and After Pics
The Family
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Personality Types (MBTI)
Personality Type Test (MBTI)
Calling heroes

I'm looking for these people to speak to about the "Zombie Apocalypse". They are near and dear to me and have all been involved in bringing you heroes:

Tom Welling, Joss Whedon, Sam Raimi, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi.

See 7 Personal Messages

(Keep up the good works, guys! And, more, please!)
Having fun?!

What were you thinking of doing about it?

Hero Consulting:

Having done, and continuing to do, such a bang up job at con-sorting and Zombie translation, I am available to help at consulting now too.

I specialize in: the letters A - Z, the digits 0-9, and all colors. And much more.

Text: 650-215-3351
D.O.A. to Talk



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